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Vegetable Cookbook for Vegans

Discover fresh, creative takes on preparing delicious plant-based dishes with the Vegetable cookbook for vegans. This book provides handy pairing guides for cooking up both familiar and brand-new flavor combinations with your favorite veggies. From side dishes to entrâees, you'll find truly simple recipes that use ingredients you can find at any grocery store.


Easy Vegetable Meals

I wrote a cook book! I am so excited about this and incorporated as much helpful information as I could. Not only is this a cookbook, I also provide tips in the kitchen, which cookware is the safest, and where to get the best produce. 

This cookbook of vegetable-centric meals makes it easier than ever for vegetarians and omnivores alike to eat a more plant-based diet. I recognized that convenience is key to help increase veggie-intake.

My cookbook consists of 144:

  • one-pot

  • 30-minute

  • 5 main ingredient recipes

  • organized by season

You can purchase my book right here

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