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Red Clover Tincture

When I was in Arcata a couple weeks ago, my sister, friend, nephew and I stumbled upon an open field with tons of red clovers. Coincidentally, my sister was going to purchase some earlier that day to make a fertility tincure with! Thankfully she didn’t and we spent the afternoon harvesting red clover to make tinctures and tea with.

The concept called the Doctrine of Signatures means that the color and shape of a flower/plant reveal its healing properties. For example, a walnut looks like a brain, it’s high in omegas which are good for the brain. A carrot, looks like an eye, is high in vitamin A and is great for eyes.

According to Cherokee and Aboriginal medicine, the red colors in plants are often associated with blood purifiying and fever busting properties. It can also suggest the astrigency in the plant fir external or skin disorders arising from blood impurities.

Red clover tincture is wonderful for

Fertility and is found in many herbal fertility tinctures! Red clover is also known to aid the thinning of mucus and Increasing blood flow, which can also be a cause of infertility.

Menopause and drastically reduces menopausal symptoms

Promoting hormonal balance in females due to the isoflavones and phytoestrogens. According to fertility experts, the estrogen surge resulting from the use of red clover assists in follicle and egg production, preparing the body for ovulation.

Its high mineral content, including calcium, vitamin c, potassium, magnesium, chromium, phosphorus, niacin, and thiamine. These nutrients are essential to maintain a healthy body and also relax the nervous system.

This tincture is made with organic, local, and small batch vodka from @titos vodka.

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