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Parasite Cleanse Protocol

Parasite Cleanse Protocol

Unfortunately, we all have parasites. The best way to rid ourselves of them, is to complete a parasite cleanse. Parasite cleanses must be completed correctly, and in full. Otherwise, they can hide in other organs or parts of our body, or become immune to the dosing. The best parasite cleanses are a month long, starting on a full moon, at least once a year.


The reason why a full moon is important is because that is when our body produce less melatonin and more serotonin. The serotonin makes the parasites more active, making this a great time to detox them.


I use the Para Kit protocol by Cellcore with my clients. It's a month long, and provides you with everything you need for the month.


For the Parasite Protocol, all you pay for is the parasite cleanse from Cell Core. This includes:

  • A month supply of necessary supplements.
  • Unlimited text support from me.
  • A free parasite guide I will email you before the cleanse starts.
  • A 30 minute consult before the cleanse to go over any questions you may have.



1. Purchase this product for $0, so I know to email you the parasite guide before you start, and I will reach out to schedule our call before the protocol.

2. Purchase the Para Kit by going to this link: Para Kit

3. Use my practitioner code to purchase: U0EmhxrX


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