Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching


Imagine a life with

  • Healthy Digestion. 

  • Clear Skin.              

  • Healthy Weight.     

  • Regular Cycles.      

  • No More Bloating.

  • Diminished Stress and Anxiety

  • Tools to Maintain the Healthiest You

  • Quality and Restorative Sleep

Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, I give you the tools to begin your journey to a new you—the real you. .

How It Works

1. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation call so we can get to know each other.

2. Schedule an Initial Consultation. Before our initial consultation, you will complete a 3 Day Food and Mood Journal and an Initial Interview. I will review this information prior to our meeting and asses your current and past eating habits, health goals, and health history. This will also give me better understanding of how your body is functioning as a whole.

3. In our initial consultation, we go over your current lifestyle and health goals. Throughout the sessions, we will focus on the foundations of health Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, and Emotional Health. 

Nutrition: We will discuss food quality, ingredients, and how to identify what food to focus on, and what foods to limit. 

Sleep: We will analyze your bed time routine, implement sleep hygiene habits, and create a consistent sleep schedule. 

Exercise: We will find a consistent work out routine that works for you.

Emotional Health: You will learn about implementing mindfulness into your day, and other way to reduce stress and anxiety.

4. In your follow up sessions, we assess what’s working and what areas of your protocol we need to focus on. We will set goals based on each foundation we discussed as the session, and will check in with text messages. After each session I provide you with a summary and goals to work towards.


Session Plans

Each plan includes:


  • Virtual coaching sessions.

  • Individualized meal plan every Friday.

  • Individualized lifestyle plan with exercise, sleep, and emotional health goals.

  • Written summary of each session.

  • Unlimited email and text support.


1 Month Plan

1 month with 2 x 1 hour virtual coaching sessions.

Price $200

3 Month Plan

3 months with 2 x 1 hour virtual coaching sessions per month.

Price $400 


6 Month Plan 

6 months with 2 x 1 hour sessions per month.

Price $600 


Individual Sessions

1 x 1 hour session

Price $50

*payment plans available

Nourishing Food Guide

1 x 30 minute consult, and a personalized e-book with recipes, meal plan, grocery list, emotional health practices, sleep guide, and a work out routine.

Price $100

Nourishing Food Guide

Nourishing Food Guides are detailed, personalized e-books based off your bio individuality. After a 30-minute consult, which can be over the phone, virtual, or in person, I will create a nourishing food guide JUST for you!


I will create easy ways for you to achieve your health goals. I will be giving you tons of recipes, a weekly meal plan templates, a grocery store list, and teach you how to read ingredients and to make the healthiest purchases. 

Kitchen Tips

I will also include tips in the kitchen, the truth about cookware and which cookware you should be using.

Home Health

I will even go into home health and talk about how bedding, make up, and household products all directly affect our health.

Environmental Factors

I will be discussing environmental factors like air quality, EMFS and how to protect yourself from radiation from your phone and Wi-Fi router.

Pro Sleep Tips

I will also share some pro sleep tips on how to improve your sleep hygiene. Sleep is directly related to our immune system, brain health, and hormones. Healthy sleep habits are VITAL for us to function optimally.

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