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Does Drinking Wine Irritate Your Bladder?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

As much as I love wine it has been increasingly difficult for me to drink due to bladder pain, until I found this wine from Be Love Farm.

This wine is made from just grapes- thats it! is a naturally fermented wine. Nothing added, no sulfates, no sugar, just grapes.

It is a blend of zinfandel, cabernet, merlot, and barbera grapes. There are no sulfites or other perservatives.

I was able to drink this wine without my usual side effects of bladder pain.

Drinking wine can irritate the bladder, leaving people in pain and resulting in frequent urination, similar to a UTI pain. If you’ve ever had a UTI you know they are no fun at all! This is primarily becauseo of high levels of activated mast-cell releasing histamine.

This promotes increased inflammation bladder, resuling in frequency, urgency, and pain. Wine can have high levels of histamine, thus resulting in these symptoms.

According to my research, red wine contains considerably more histamine than white wine. White wine contains between 3 to 120 micrograms of histamine per glass, while red wine contains between 60 and 3,800 micrograms of histamine per glass.

What can you do? Drink local, small batch, organic wines free of perservatives and sulfites. Natural supplements like quercetin or chondroitin sulfate are often recommended, along with holy basil, ginger, vitamin C, selenium, and turmeric. Always discuss supplements and medications with your doctor before taking them.

"In 2009, we surveyed more than 500 patients who shared with us their experience with wine. 21% reported that they could drink wine without any bladder irritation. 31% reported that they sometimes drink wine without being worse for wear. On the other hand, 48% of patients reported that wine always irritated their bladders."

"When you have an injured or wounded bladder, urine can reach deeper into the bladder wall where it can directly stimulate nerves, stimulate mast cells to release histamine and create profound irritation."

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